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"Organ trafficking will be investigated"

"Organ trafficking will be investigated"

31 January 2011 | 09:46 | Source: Beta, RTS, Tanjug
BELGRADE -- Head of Serbia's delegation PACE Dragoljub Mićunović says the decision on who will conduct the investigation on Kosovo organ trafficking has not yet been taken.
He, however, expressed his conviction that the case will be resolved.

Now that the PACE resolution based on Dick Marty's report on human organ trafficking has been adopted, both the US and the European Union support the investigation, and Albania will have to cooperate, Mićunović said.

The decision on who will conduct the investigation has not yet been taken, but EULEX will certainly be there, he said.

"There are hopes that some other bodies might take part, such as the UN, the Council of Europe or some independent body, but it is now certain that the investigation will be carried out, Mićunović told state broadcaster RTS.

He also asserted that the organ trafficking investigation will not have any influence on the beginning of talks between Belgrade and Priština, the date for which has not been set.

"What we will talk about is not strictly tied to the investigation, which will be independent and which concerns completely different kinds of investigations," he was quoted as saying by Beta news agency.

"There is no reason (for postponements), and it would even be bad if we were to interrupt now what we have promised, because it concerns us the most, because we need the negotiations...," Mićunović was further quoted.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) last week adopted a resolution calling on a probe to be launched, and based the document on a report submitted by CoE Rapporteur Dick Marty. In it, members of the ethnic Albanian KLA are said to be behind the 1999 and 2000 kidnappings of Serbs in the province, their illegal imprisonment in northern Albania, and harvesting of their organs for sale in the black market.

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