onsdag 2 mars 2011

K. Albanian official warns about "another war"

K. Albanian official warns about "another war"

2 March 2011 | 17:20 | Source: FoNet
PRIŠTINA -- The Kosovo Albanian government's coordinator for northern Kosovo Ilber Hisa says a partition of Kosovo "would mean another war".
He also believes there can be no peaceful partition, and added that "any division of territory would mean war, and I'm sure everyone's had enough of bloodshed".

Hisa said the priority of the government in Priština was a full integration of the north and the residents there, Albanian language daily Koha Ditrore wrote on Wednesday.

"The sovereignty and the status of Kosovo are not and cannot be a subject of talks between Belgrade and Priština, everyone should be clear on this. Only a full stabilization of Kosovo and the region can be a guarantee of quality and happy life of the residents of our country and I'm convinced Kosovo Serbs are aware of this," said Hisa.

In early 2008, the province's ethnic Albanians unilaterally declared independence, which was rejected by Belgrade as an illegal act of separatism. Serbs in the north, where they are a majority, also did not accept the proclamation, and do not recognize the authority of the government in Priština.

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