onsdag 2 mars 2011

KPS suicide "because of pressure to allow smuggling"

KPS suicide "because of pressure to allow smuggling"

2 March 2011 | 17:09 | Source: Tanjug
PRIŠTINA -- A Kosovo Albanian member of the Kosovo police, KPS, recently committed suicide, and wrote a suicide note, media in Priština are reporting.
Luan Ademaj reportedly wrote that pressure that the Priština-based Kosovo government officials exerted on him to allow smuggling was the reason to take his own life, Albanian language daily Koha Ditore writes on Wednesday.

In the letter that the paper had seen, Ademaj wrote that he was placed under pressure of the Kosovo officials involved in smuggling, but did not mention their names or the names of any companies.

The 37-year-old was in charge of a border crossing with Montenegro, and committed suicide in February.

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