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Serbs in north stage another protest

Serbs in north stage another protest

25 February 2011 | 19:19 | Source: Tanjug
ZUBIN POTOK -- About a thousand people who gathered today in the town of Zubin Potok in the Serb-dominated north of Kosovo.
They sent a message that they would "not pay taxes to the so-called state of Kosovo".

Serbs in north refused to accept the unilateral declaration of independence made by the province's ethnic Albanians three years ago, and they do not recognize the authority of the government in Priština.

Addressing the representatives of the international community and Kosovo institutions, the protesters today said they would "not yield to their demands", pointed out they "agree to pay taxes to the state of Serbia".

The rall underlined that "the state of Serbia should be present in this region as much as possible".

They also asked the authorities to be "very cautious in respect of the forthcoming talks between Belgrade and Priština, since those would not be just mere talks, but rather negotiations for the survival of Serbs in that region".

The protest was "kept under the watchful eye" of the Kosovo police (KPS), EULEX and KFOR, reported Tanjug.

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