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"Serbia can count on U.S. support"

"Serbia can count on U.S. support"

3 March 2011 | 10:22 | Source: Večernje novosti
BELGRADE -- Serbia can count on Washington’s support in the EU integration process in the future, said U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Mary Warlick.
Mary Warlick (Tanjug)
Mary Warlick (Tanjug)
She pointed out that the U.S. would carefully monitor the negotiations between Belgrade and Priština which should begin soon.

“As U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during her visit to Belgrade, the U.S. policy is to continue helping Serbia reach its primary strategic goal – integration and possible membership in the EU,” the ambassador pointed out.

She especially underlined that the U.S. was supporting the Belgrade-Priština talks.

“I see that both sides are ready to approach the dialogue in a pragmatic and constructive way. I know that the chief of your negotiating team has been working on determining topics and areas for the discussion in which progress can be made in the future period,” Warlick stated.

“It is in the best interest of both sides to build trust and reach concrete results,” she added.

According to the U.S. ambassador, the EU has a leading role in the process which will facilitate the dialogue between Belgrade and Priština.

“The U.S. wants to get involved, to be helpful in any way we can in order to make sure that there will be a progress and that results will be achieved,” she stressed.

Warlick also added that Washington would continue to act “behind the scene” and not in the front lines, to talk to the EU and both sides “in order to make sure that it is a positive process”.

She pointed out that Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Countryman would be involved in consultations with all parties.

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