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Albanian organ trade needs inquiry, official

NEWS | Saturday, January 22, 2011

Albanian organ trade needs inquiry, official

Jan 20, 2011
Serbia’s Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Rasim Ljajic, said that the Albanian organ trade report by Dick Marty should be approached with a level head, without gloating and talking about winners and losers.
“Our interest is to avoid turning the whole issue into a political affair, and Serbia should insist on a serious inquiry that would follow the adoption of Marty’s report,” Ljajic said.
The international community should insist on an investigation and subsequent court action to satisfy justice and prove there are no double standards Ljajic said.
“It is a requirement for the relations in the region to return to normal and to reach reconciliation,” he said
Also, he said, Serbia should think about the coming talks with Kosovo Albanians.
“Those talks are in Serbia’s interest and we want them to start as soon as possible, because they are important for progress and to ensure a better life for the people,” he explained.
Meanwhile. Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Konuzin said the perpetrators of organ trafficking, mentioned in the Dick Marty report, must not evade justice and go unpunished.
“Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty has compiled a very important and thorough document, which bears great international importance,” Konuzin told for daily Vecernje Novosti.
“Information about inhumane acts cannot leave anyone indifferent, be it politicians or ordinary people,” he said.
Konuzin said that “influential people in capitals of a number of countries and many international officials were ready to turn a blind eye to the committed crimes for the sake of political stability in Kosovo.”
Moscow does not see its role for itself in the Belgrade-Pristina dialog, but noted that no such formal invitation has been made to Russia, according to the daily, Konuzin said.
Some officials in the EU believe that EULEX is the most competent to investigate the Albanian organ trade.
Human Rights Watch proposed that the EU should appoint a special independent prosecutor who would investigate into the allegations contained in Dick Marty’s report and pointed out that EULEX would face serious obstacles in carrying out a convincing investigation into such serious accusations.
According to the Human Rights Watch Executive Director for Europe Lotte Leicht, it is vital to appoint an independent prosecutor and an efficient witness protection program, including the possibility to relocate the witnesses from the Balkans, as security necessary for such a delicate investigation has to be ensured.
Catherine Ashton and some other EU officials disagree with that.
Spokeswoman for the EU high representative said that charges must be backed by evidence that EULEX courts would consider valid and invited Dick Marty to provide evidence so that the courts can determine their validity.
EULEX sent two letters to Marty asking for evidence.
EULEX has just declared that their staff cannot function in areas of Kosovo and declared the area “dangerous zone for its members”.
EULEX and OSCE members were beaten by “unidentified individuals” recently.
January 20, 2011

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