lördag 29 januari 2011

“OSCE should support investigation”

“OSCE should support investigation”

29 January 2011 | 09:42 | Source: Tanjug
VIENNA -- OSCE should support an international investigation into human organ trade in Kosovo, Russian Permanent Representative to the OSCE Anvar Azimov said Friday.
“The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) adopted on January 25 a resolution urging international agencies, including EULEX, to conduct the investigation with the assistance of member countries of the Council of Europe and disregard the official positions possible suspects might have,” he said.

“The PACE resolution confirmed Russia's opinion that it is necessary to hold a detailed inquiry and send an important message to the international community that it is impermissible to hush up cruel crimes in Kosovo,” Azimov told Itar-Tass.

“We are confident that illegal trafficking in human organs must remain in the focus of international attention. We think it is important to provide comprehensive support to the independent international investigation, which will establish the truth about the possible involvement of Kosovo top-ranking officials in the cruel and inhumane crimes unprecedented in the modern European history. We think that the OSCE should not stay aside", he said.

"Hushing, concealment or denial of the truth would be comparable with the crimes by its meanness" he pointed out.

“Only the truth and the punishment of criminals can help restore confidence and create prerequisites for inter-ethnic reconciliation in the Serbian territory and the entire Western Balkan region and to restore respect for the international community. There is no other way to do it,” Azimov said.

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