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Spain will not recognize Kosovo

NEWS | Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spain will not recognize Kosovo

Jan 15, 2011
Spanish Foreign Minister Trinidad Jimenez assured Wednesday in Madrid Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic that her country will stick to its decision not to recognize Kosovo’s independence.
In a meeting with Jeremic, Jimenez also expressed support for dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, according to Spanish news agency EFE.
The talk focused on the situation in Kosovo, bilateral relations – which the two ministers agreed were excellent – and Serbia’s integration in the European Union, the Spanish Foreign Ministry said.
The Spanish minister thanked Jeremic on Serbia’s constructive attitude regarding dialogue with Pristina, which they agreed should start as soon as possible. The Spanish government holds that Kosovo’s 2008 unilateral declaration of independence violated international law and Serbia’s territorial integrity.
Nevertheless, Spain supports Belgrade’s efforts to arrive at a solution through dialogue with Pristina, after the UN’s International Court of Justice issued an advisory opinion last July that Kosovo’s move did not violate international law.
Minister Jimenez pointed out that the opinion is not binding and does not alter Spain’s stance on the issue, reads the statement. Spain would change its stance only if the two sides came to an agreement, or if the UN Security Council recalled its Resolution 1244 passed in 1999, which declares that Kosovo is a part of Serbia. Spain also pledged support to Serbia in the EU accession process, adds the statement.
January 15, 2011

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