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Kosovo Albanian terrorists sentenced

NEWS | Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kosovo Albanian terrorists sentenced

Jan 21, 2011
Serbia’s war crimes court sentenced Friday nine Kosovo Albanian terrorists to prison terms ranging from eight to 15 years for atrocities against Serbs and other non-Albanians in the aftermath of the 1998-99 conflict.
The Serbian court said the group took part in the killing of 80 Kosovo Serb civilians and kidnapping of 153 in the area around the eastern town of Gnjilane in 1999, after NATO bombing forced Serb troops to pull out of Kosovo and hand over control.
The Albanian terrorists moved in to kill after the Serb troops were forced out by NATO who bombed Serbia in 1999 alleging that Serbs are committing genocide in Kosovo.
The Albanian terrorists killed many Serbs, dismembered their bodies, torching their homes and raping the women, said Snezana Nikolic Garotic, the judge.
Witness, Slavica Antic, testified how the Albanians murdered her father and a cousin while they were in the field mowing.
“Father was found with two bullets in the area of chest, and the cousin was bullet sprayed,” said Antic.
Another Serb told the court of how Kosovo Albanians pulled his nails with pliers and tortured him with chain saw.
A Serb father said that Kosovo Albanians kidnapped his son and he was in fear of asking for the son’s fate until the son’s dead body was found.
These Kosovo Albanians were part of the organized criminal group known as the Kosovo Liberation Army or the KLA which was led by the current so-called prime minister of the separatist Albanian government Hashim Thaci.
Thaci is named by the Council of Europe report as the chief mastermind of organ trade as well as a mafia-type capo for heroin trade and sex slavery in Europe.
Certain states demand that Serbia recognize Kosovo as an independent state before entering EU despite atrocities committed by the Albanian separatists.
Western media claims that over 10,000 people died in war in Kosovo while the official figure is less than 3,000, half of which are Serbs.
Serbian prosecutors have charged 17 people for the Gnjilane atrocities but eight of them remain at large and their trial will continue in absentia.
The defendants on trial in Serbia have denied the charges against them.
A defense lawyer, Ilija Radunovic, described Friday’s verdict as “political and designed to serve political purposes.”
“It is ages away from professional and correct implementation of the law,” he said.
Prosecutor Bruno Vekaric said the proceedings were held in accordance with the “highest standards.”
“This was a high risk trial, we worked under a lot of pressure,” he said.

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