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US allegedly serious about Albanian organ traffic

US allegedly serious about Albanian organ traffic

Jan 15, 2011
U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Countryman alleged that the U.S. is taking the report by Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Dick Marty very seriously, but that it also believes that this matter refers more to the implementation of laws and rule of law, the Serbian Interior Ministry stated in a release.
During the meeting with Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, the U.S. official noted that EULEX is the competent body when it comes to the investigation into this case, and that this matter, together with other problems such as human, drugs and weapon trafficking, needs to be closely examined, the release states.

The release notes that Countryman sees witness protection as the greatest obstacle to the EULEX investigation. Dacic agreed that this matter is more of an issue of rule of law than it is of politics, and added that the official stand of the Serbian government is that the matter of the forthcoming Belgrade-Pristina dialogue should be kept separated from Marty’s report.
According to the U.S. official, Marty’s report should not affect the initiation of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.
The stand of Serbian President Boris Tadic is realistic, Countryman said and added that if Taci has been elected and cannot be indicted until solid evidence is found, then he, as Kosovo prime minister, is the right partner for Serbia in the Belgrade-Pristina talks.
Head of the International Civilian Office (ICO) in Kosovo Pieter Feith stated Friday that he expects that people under investigation will not be part of a new Kosovo government, since that would undermine Kosovo’s credibility and reputation in Brussels and Washington, and added that he is concerned over Kosovo’s stand regarding CoE rapporteur Dick Marty’s report.
Countryman pointed out that the real question is not that of northern Kosovo getting a special status, but rather that of creating a status that would guarantee human and political rights of every nation.
The release also states that the two officials underlined their satisfaction with the continuous enhancement of bilateral political relations.
Countryman commended Serbia and Croatia on their fight against organized crime and corruption, and stated that Kosovo does not have sufficiently developed capacities to conduct such fight.
January 14, 2011

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