torsdag 27 januari 2011

PM "expects detailed investigation"

PM "expects detailed investigation"

27 January 2011 | 10:30 | Source: Tanjug
BELGRADE -- PM Mirko Cvetković says he expects a detailed investigation to follow the adoption of the PACE resolution on the allegations of organ trafficking in Kosovo.
Mirko Cvetković (Beta, file)
Mirko Cvetković (Beta, file)
Cvetković told Tanjug that the resolution supports the Serbian government view that war crimes were committed by all sides during the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, but added that Belgrade did not wish to turn the issue into a political matter.

"Our view from the start, and not just in terms of Kosovo, but also concerning the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, has been that all sides committed war crimes, that the crimes were the work of individuals and that every criminal should be brought to justice," Cvetković stressed.

The resolution could have an effect on the Kosovo Albanian side in the coming negotiations with Belgrade, the prime minister noted.

"It should not have an effect on our side, but it is possible that it could affect the Kosovo Albanian side, on which I do not wish to comment. We are interested in a dialogue and we want it to start as soon as possible, and we also want it to yield solutions acceptable to both sides," Cvetković remarked.

PACE adopted on Tuesday a report on organ trafficking in Kosovo and Albania, which was put together by Rapporteur Dick Marty, who called for an impartial international inquiry to find out the truth about the allegations and possible connections between political circles and organized crime.

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