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Torching, attacks, harassment in Kosovo

NEWS | Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Torching, attacks, harassment in Kosovo

Jan 17, 2011
Police in Kosovo say that “unknown assailants” have torched the car of a senior Serb policeman in the country’s tense north.
Albanian separatist police spokesman Besim Hoti says the private car of Kosovo Serb policeman Zoran Radunovic was completely burned late Saturday. He gave no motive for the attack.
“Unknown assailants” is a phrase euphemistically used to mask ethnic attacks against Serbs by the Albanian Muslim separatists who aim to ethnically cleanse the remaining Serbs.
The torching comes days after police were instructed the separatist authorities in Kosovo that pose as legitimate power to take off new Serbia-issued car plates from vehicles crossing into Kosovo.
Radunovic is a Serb who works for the illegitimate Albanian separatist authorities that engages in ethnic cleansing of Serbs.
Albanian separatists have harasses a journalist at the Bujanovac over having Serbian-issued license plates.
Albanian separatists confiscated the plates then went on to insult the report and his family.
“A policeman come out and immediately started removing the plates without warning. He threw them into the room he had come out from and told me that driving with these plates was forbidden. It was clear he was annoyed by the plates and an officer named Hoti told me ten times that these plates could not be used in the state of Kosovo,” he said.
Kosovo is Serbian province whose ethnic Albanian separatists have been recently named by the Council of Europe to have been kidnapping Serbs so they can take out their organs for profit.
The Albanian separatist leader in Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, has been named as the mastermind of organ extraction, ethnic cleansing, heroin trade, murder, sex slavery and other organized criminal activity.
US issued a statement that it supports Thaci and “independent” Kosovo because of “mutual interests”.
January 17, 2011

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