onsdag 26 januari 2011

NATO troops ‘should have probed organ claims in Kosovo’

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A yellow painted house in northern Albania has become linked with gruesome allegations of atrocities during Kosovo’s struggle for independence in the mid 1990s. It is alleged to be where the organs of murdered Kosovan Serbs were harvested before being sold on.
That is just one of the many allegations made in memoirs by the former war crimes prosecutor at The Hague, Carla del Ponte. Her claims along with others are at the centre of a Council of Europe report pointing the finger of blame at Kosovo’s current prime minister, Hashim Thaci.
It is estimated almost 500 people disappeared in Kosovo after NATO troops arrived to keep the peace in the war torn province.
The report cites evidence that a network of bases was maintained by the Kosovan Liberation Army to keep scores of captives before killing them. It said NATOtroops should have investigated.
Several people have been implicated in the racket including Yusuf Sonmez, dubbed the “Frankenstein Turk” by the media. He was arrested but then released due to lack of evidence.
Kosovan Albanians believe such information about events from the late 1990s war years was fabricated by Serbia to smear their KLA liberators.

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