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Kosovo: 10 people vote in Serb areas

Kosovo: 10 people vote in Serb areas

24 January 2011 | 10:56 | Source: B92, Beta
KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- Voting was repeated in the town of Kosovska Mitrovica on Sunday without major incidents, but with a low turnout, said reports.
The elections, organized by the government in Priština, were originally held on December 12.

The overall numbers for the ethnically divided town - made up of the ethnic Albanian south and mostly Serb north - show that the turnout was at 26.76 percent - 11 percent less than in December.

The commission in charge of organizing elections said that a total of 86,834 residents were eligible to vote.

There were four static and two mobile polling stations in the Serb-dominated norther part of the town, with the mobile polling stations sent to the ethnic Albanian neighborhoods.

The commission said that a total of ten persons voted in the Serb areas.

Previously, due to election day irregularities, voting was also repeated in the municipalities of Srbica, Glogovac and Dečane, and in some polling stations in Mališevo and Lipljan.

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