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"EP debate on Marty's report postponed"

"EP debate on Marty's report postponed"

17 January 2011 | 11:32 | Source: Tanjug
PRIŠTINA -- The European Parliament (EP) Committee on Foreign Affairs "will not hold the announced debate" on the Marty report, writes a Priština daily.
Albanian language newspaper Koha Ditore says Special Rapporteur of the Council of Europe (CoE) Dick Marty "decided not to appear before the committee".

The daily learned from sources in Brussels that Marty "refused the committee's invitation explaining that his agenda is full".

The article adds that sources said Marty "obviously wanted to wait for his report to be adopted on January 25 in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (which is not an EU body) where he will be supported by Russia and Serbia, and then appear before the EP in stronger position in February".

Marty's associates stated last week that the Swiss investigator was invited to attend an EP sitting, but that a date had not been set.

The report, made public in late 2010, names Kosovo Albanian PM and former KLA leader Hashim Thaci among those responsible for selling vital organs harvested from Serb and other civilians kidnapped in Kosovo.

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