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Kosovo will be viewed differently, says Tadić

Kosovo will be viewed differently, says Tadić

20 December 2010 | 16:07 | Source: Beta
BELGRADE -- The international community will see the Kosovo problem with different eyes after a report on crimes committed against Serbs, Boris Tadić believes.
Boris Tadić (Tanjug)
Boris Tadić (Tanjug)
The Serbian president and ruling DS party leader spoke at a ceremony honoring the fallen officers of MUP's Special Anti-Terrorist Unit (SAJ) in Belgrade this Monday.

"Serbia has been waiting for years in front of international institutions for a report like this," said Tadić, according to reports.

He spoke in reference to the Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty and his document on the kidnappings of civilians in Kosovo and the trade in their body parts.

Tadić also stated that Serbia "appealed for all crimes to be brought to light", but that these appeals "were not accepted seriously in the past decades".

Now that "picture" has changed thanks to the Swiss senator and his report, the president said.

He further noted that in the past decade, the "Serb nation was presented as the sole culprit for the events in the former Yugoslavia," but added he was hopeful that the Marty report would spell an end to that approach.

Tadić called for a "wide-reaching and comprehensive investigation" that would determine "if such crimes occurred in Kosovo and Metohija, and who perpetrated them". He also expressed hope that such an investigation would shed the light on the creation of the co-called state of Kosovo.

Asked whether there was "a change" in his stance toward Hashim Thaci - who was named in the report as being responsible for the grave crimes committed against Serbs and other civilians in Kosovo - Tadić said that he was "representing Serbia's public interest, rather than acting publicly based on personal favors".

"Many times I have met with people I have nothing in common with. That is my job," the Serbian president asserted, and added that "doctors too heal people with whom they do not share the same values".

Earlier today, reports from Priština said that Hashim Thaci also welcomed a possible meeting with Boris Tadić, that he said would be in the interest of "both countries".

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