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Thaci, others were investigated for heroin

NEWS | Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thaci, others were investigated for heroin

Jan 11, 2011
Kosovo Albanian leader, Hashim Thaci, and several other Albanian separatists in the Balkans were under investigation by the Swiss authorities in 1998 for involvement in heroin trade reports Skopje daily Vreme citing Swiss source Tan.
“Ali Ahmeti, Fazli Veliu and Bardi Mahmuti, together with the Kosovo… Hashim Thaci, were under investigation by the Swiss authorities for heroin smuggling,” writes Vreme.
Gafur Adili
Gafur Adili
Reporters for Vreme say that they attempted to contact Ahmeti and Veliu but these men declined to answer their calls.
Instead, the reporters got a statement of their “follower” Safet Neziri who accused the media of an anti-Albanian campaign aiming to discredit the Albanian terrorist organization the KLA.
“We are witnesses of an unfair campaign from various services and criminals that are already lasting several months. They aim to blacken DUI [Democratic Union for Integration] and general achievements of KLA. Those are insinuations from various [intelligence] services: whether UDBA or others,” said Neziri to Vreme.
UDBA is the former communist Yugoslav secret service whose name was changed several times over the years.
Former Yugoslav secret service, Bozidar Spasic, recently said that he possesses documents which indicate that numerous Kosovo Albanian separatists and the ones in Macedonia worked for the agency.
“Large number of Albanians that are currently in power in Macedonia and Kosovo were active in the SDB service and for them, especially in Kosovo, which represents a very serious problem. If that issue gets out in the open, I believe that all of them will kill one another and Kosovo will collapse,” said Spasic.
Last week, former leader of the KLA splinter group, Gafur Adili, told the Albanian TV network, Alb, that he has documents which prove that Ahmeti was a Yugoslav spy and that Ahmeti made an agreement with Macedonia’s leader as to when to start a war in that country.
“According to the information that I have from people that are alive, but the one I will not publicize today, but there will be time when I will announce their names, in Podgradec a deal was made on the beginning of war in Macedonia,” Adili told the Albanian TV.
Albanian separatists and Macedonia’s forces attacked one another in 2001.
Adili also said that he has documents that prove Ahmeti’s cooperation with “UDBA”.
In September of 2010, Adili wrote an article in which he says that “even the Tirana newspaper SHQIP” had written that Ahmeti’s uncle Fazli Veliu has served the Yugoslav secret service.
Adili also alleges that other “prominent” Albanians that were Ahmeti’s associates have accidentally died and that Ahmeti gave 100,000 German marks for weapons. Adili says that the money was “amassed” by Avni Elmazi, from a Sermove village near Gostivar, through fellow Albanians in Italy, Switzerland and Germany.
January 11, 2011

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