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Wahhabis threaten Serbia, officials
| Dec 28, 2010 
Posted on Wed Dec 29 2010 17:16:53 GMT+0100 (V�steuropa, normaltid) by montyspython
Wahhabis threaten Serbia, officials
Dec 28, 2010

Kosovo Albanian independence declaration and organized crime are threats to Serbia but the most dangerous threat to Serbia’s security is the the Islamic Wahhabi movement in Serbia’s Raska region says Serbia’s top spy Svetko Kovac.
“Besides the existing criminal and terrorist groups in that space there are secessionist demands and provocations and other extremist associations and groups,” said Kovac about the Raska region which Muslims call Sandzak.
A Muslim Imam Zukorlic has been fanning violence in the region and rounding up various extremist Muslims demanding “autonomy” not just for that area but from parts of Montenegro.
Kovac’s statement was made to the Parliamentary committee on security.
Former General Stojanovic also spoke to the committee and he told that government panel that Imam Zukorlic is predisposed to the extremists in Raska and goes out of his way to help them.
“Zukorlic lovingly looks to them [the extremists who]… are massively renting apartments, they meet in them where they watch videos on mujahedeen action from across the world. They rent sport halls where they teach others how to fight and how to shoot and practice aiming,” said Stojanovic.
Earlier this year, Zukorlic’s allies attacked police in Raska’s city of Novi Pazar alleging human rights violations because of a property rights issue.
General Stojanovic said that the weapons are sent to the Raska Wahhabis from Kosovo’s Albanian criminals.
“Regrettably, the detailed investigation of the origin of the weapons, finances, aims, activities, connections these mujahedeens have in our midst was never conducted,” said General Stojanovic.
The General remained that the origin of the weapons is from Kosovo Albanians.
“But, it is known that weapons are from Kosovo, that they [Muslims] took part in the fighting, that in Sandzak they plan to do the same scenario as in Kosovo. In the elections in 2012, the Bosnian Democratic Community will win, the party that is under control of the Mufti Muamar Zukorlic,” said General Stojanovic and added that “after that the issue will be internationalized”.
The panel also told the Parliament that the military is actively seeking evidence of the Kosovo Albanian organ trade outlined in the Council of Europe’s report that names the Albanian Hashim Thaci, known as the Snake, as the leader of organ trade in the region as well as heroin, female slavery and other vice.
December 28, 2010

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