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12 arrested over murder in Kosovo

12 arrested over murder in Kosovo

3 January 2011 | 16:53 | Source: Tanjug
PRIŠTINA -- The Kosovo police, KPS, arrested 12 suspects for the murder of one and wounding of two persons in the village of Banja, near Mališevo, central Kosovo.
The police stated that during the arrest they confiscated several automatic rifles and guns, adding that one suspect is at large.

Most suspects are from the vicinity of Mališevo, and are close to former president of the municipality Gani Krasnici, who was a candidate of the ethnic Albanian Self-Determination Movement in the December 12 elections.

According to the witnesses of the incident which occurred in the night between January 1 and 2, fifteen persons entered the restaurant and started beating and shooting at the guests.

The Albanian language media in Priština reported that Skender Limaj was killed in front of his three children. His brother and nephew Azem and Ilir Limaj were injured.

After the incident, the Self-Determination Movement requested that the event should not be politicized, adding that this is a serious criminal act with tragic consequences for the families of the victims.

Personal problems should not be politicized, and political problems should not be personalized, the statement reads.

After the elections on December 12, the supporters of the Self-Determination Movement and the Democratic Party of Kosovo on several occasions exchanged accusations regarding voting results and irregularities.

By the decision of the Central Election Commission, the Kosovo elections will be repeated in several polling stations in Mališevo.

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