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Thaci's "Goebbels" comment angers Swiss

Thaci's "Goebbels" comment angers Swiss

3 January 2011 | 16:51 | Source: Tanjug
BERN -- Kosovo Albanian PM Hashim Thaci has angered politicians in Switzerland when he compared the Marty report to the Nazi German propaganda of Joseph Goebbels.
According to Switzerland's Le Matin daily, the comparison is violent and offensive to politicians in Switzerland.

Parliamentarians interviewed by Le Matin have said that the remarks were "unacceptable".

To compare Marty's work with that of Goebbels is outrageous, and "indicative of this unsavory character", Yvan Perrin (UDC/NE) said.

The comparison is unacceptable and hurtful, Christian Luscher (Lib/GE) was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs called in a statement "on the countries concerned to deal with this issue responsibly and contribute to the clarification of the criticisms in the report of the Council of Europe prepared by Dick Marty".

Thaci's remarks that liken Goebbels to the Swiss senator came after his report that named the Kosovo PM and former leader of the KLA as one of the persons responsible for the kidnapping of Serbs and trafficking in their organs in 1999 and 2000.

Marty prepared the report as Council of Europe's special rapporteur in the case.

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