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Daily: Organs removed at KLA hospitals

Daily: Organs removed at KLA hospitals

Daily: Organs removed at KLA hospitals
25 December 2010

Surgeries to remove victims’ organs were performed at health centers and hospitals which used to treat KLA members during the war, daily Politika writes.
The daily has learned that these are some of the results of the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution’s investigation.
The map of KLA detention facilities
The map of KLA detention facilities
75 patients from Kosovo were admitted to Mother Teresa hospital in Tirana during 1999, while 70 patients from Kosovo suffering from severe kidney failure were admitted to the University Hospital in Skopje, the daily reported.

Several kidney transplants were performed in Tirana.

35 out of 75 patients stayed at the hospital in Tirana, while 25 were transferred to Italy and 15 to Austria where they waited transplantations. One of the main pieces of evidence of the Serbian prosecution is statement of Head of Transplantation Ward at the Mother Teresa Hospital Dr Sulejman Kodra about suspicious organ transplants.

He told reporter of Tirana-based Top News TV Blerina Moka that organs from unknown donors had been transplanted at the hospital, but that “surgeons cannot be held responsible for that”.

A part of the hospital at the Bajram Curri barracks, health center at the Coca-Cola factory in Tirana, psychiatric hospital at the prison number 320 in the town of Burrel and an improvised hospital at the so-called Yellow House near the village of Tropoje were also used for organ transplantations.

Aside from these locations, the Serbian prosecution also has information that there was an illegal prison in the Deva mine which is located at Kosovo-Albanian border. One end of the tunnel is in Kosovo while the other is in Albania.

The Serbian prosecution launched the investigation two years ago in order to investigate allegations from Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte’s book.

The War Crimes Prosecution has also learned that the prisoners’ remains were buried in mass graves in the territory of Albania.

It is suspected that there are at least 70 bodies of the killed Serbs, Roma and Albanians in a mass grave at swamp area near the village of Tropoje and on the Albanian side of the Deva mine near the Yellow House, the daily points out.

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