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“Kosovo needs credible government”

“Kosovo needs credible government”

8 January 2011 | 13:31 | Source: Beta
PRIŠTINA -- International Civilian Representative in Kosovo Pieter Feith says that Kosovo needs a new, credible government which will be ready to face the challenges.
Pieter Feith (FoNet, file)
Pieter Feith (FoNet, file)
He said that the December elections were held in a generally constructive atmosphere but that there had been some irregularities.

Feith also pointed out that citizens and institutions in Kosovo, international institutions and the international community, including the EU, could not accept those irregularities.

“Partial repeat of the elections which was ordered by the Election Complaints and Appeals sub-Commission is one of the ways to correct them. Kosovo needs credible assembly and government. In order to have credibility these institutions need to be based on respect of the law. That’s the goal of democracy, foundation of our fundamental values,” he stressed.

He also explained that the international community would monitor the repeated elections on January 9, which would have a direct influence on Kosovo’s international position.

“Kosovo’s political leaders have a special and personal responsibility to prevent frauds and threats. A short-term benefit to the detriment of Kosovo’s international position is unacceptable, especially when Kosovo needs further international and European support,” the international civilian representative said.

The elections will be fully repeated in the municipalities of Srbica, Glogovac and Dečani and partially at two polling stations in the municipalities of Lipljan and Mališevo on Sunday, January 9.

The Supreme Court of Kosovo has also decided to repeat the elections in 16 out of 29 polling stations in Kosovska Mitrovica.

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