söndag 2 januari 2011

Minister accuses mufti of causing instability

Minister accuses mufti of causing instability

Human and Minority Rights Minister Svetozar Čiplić has accused Mufti Muamer Zukorlić of radicalizing situation in Sandžak.
“He sees potential source of his political strength in conflicts. Stable, rational situation does not suit him,” he told Novi Sad-based daily Dnevnik.
Svetozar Čiplić (FoNet, file)
Svetozar Čiplić (FoNet, file)
The minister has assessed that the chief mufti of the Islamic Community in Serbia is only trying to make himself look more important by making parallels between Sandžak and Kosovo.

“Because he is aware that the issue of Kosovo is raising very difficult reminiscences among the citizens of Serbia. But that’s a very dangerous political work of the religious leader,” Čiplić stressed.

He also said that Zukorlić had opened up a series of issues that had nothing to do with education and culture of Bosniaks and that this had “created division” among the Bosniaks themselves. The minister added that the mufti was also confronting Serbia’s pro-European policy in the process.

Čiplić has announced that new elections for the Bosniak National Council will be held in late April.

He rejected Zukorlić’s request to have OSCE headquarters in Vienna monitor the elections instead of the OSCE mission to Serbia.

“A mission is working in every country on behalf of OSCE, and therefore request of the Bosniak Cultural Community, as well as many other requests, simply cannot be met,” Čiplić concluded.

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