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“KLA committed crimes”

“KLA committed crimes”

“KLA committed crimes”
19 December 2010

Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Bruno Vekarić says that Dick Marty’s report is important because it says for the first time that the KLA committed horrible crimes.
“This is information that is upsetting every normal human being in Europe,” he told Novi Sad-based daily Dnevnik.
Bruno Vekarić (FoNet)
Bruno Vekarić (FoNet)
“It raises a clear question: Is somebody ready to protect drug dealers, pimps, human organ traffickers? Each policy has its own strategy but I’m sure that none of them will accept such people,” Vekarić was quoted as saying.

He added that “role of all KLA leaders will be revealed in time and in the upcoming investigations”.

“We thought that it was good to turn over a part of the case to our colleague War Crimes Prosecutor Miljo Radisavljević precisely because we came across some stunning information in our own investigation,” the deputy war crimes prosecutor stressed.

Vekarić pointed out that consequences of the report would be significant recommendations to all those who wanted to join the EU and take part in the EU integrations.

He also commented on the public reactions to information published by WikiLeaks, stressing that “this information is nothing new”.

“There’s nothing new in all the information that were made public. Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević himself presented claims that there had been obstructions in the work of the Action team until mid-2008 and that it was still being investigated,” Vekarić was quoted as saying.

According to him, the released documents “show true patriotism of the Action team representatives, especially regarding lobbying so the U.S. would influence the Netherlands regarding the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), as well as the wish of the important factors to do everything in both east and west in order to get Ratko Mladić to The Hague”.

“That’s confirmation of today’s political will to complete the number one state job,” Vekarić pointed out.

Commenting on the diplomatic dispatch of the former Spanish ambassador in Belgrade that the Serbian government knew where Mladić was in 2008, he said that “this information referred to Koštunica’s government and security services that were headed by his people”.

“However, there are many more assumptions and analyses there than concrete facts. Those are assessments and not evidence, but they certainly deserve to be taken seriously,” the deputy war crimes prosecutor concluded.

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